At Champions 2016, we gave our guests an opportunity to respond with questions and concerns following the event.  Here are our responses!

  • How do people nominate child care providers?

    About 2 months before the Champions Event, we invite anybody to submit a nomination for any child care provider in Dutchess or Putnam County. We send this form out electronically to all parents and providers on our mailing list and through the postal service to all regulated child care providers. We ask this to be shared across all social media outlets and ask that it be given to all parents in child care programs. The link to our online nomination form is available on our website and also available through our Facebook page.

  • How do you choose the Special Award Winners?

    After all of the nominations have been submitted, the Champions of Child Care Committee spends about a week reading through all of them on our own. We then come together and vote on the nominations that were written to decide the most deserving of the award in each category. We do not count the number of nominations or decide the winner based on the number of nominations submitted for that program or individual.

  • Why do we hold Champions on Thursday and not Friday?

    We know that you value your weekends as much as we do. We try to schedule our event close to the weekend because we know that it makes for a very long day, but we want you to be able to spend your weekends with your families. Another reason, is the cost. The cost for a Friday evening event would be substantially more.

  • Why don’t we have music, entertainment and/or dancing?

    The committee has considered other ways to celebrate and honor child care providers.

  • Why does the event have to last so long?

    We like to honor all providers and thank all of the appropriate people. We try to keep the program to a maximum of three hours.

  • I need more salad dressing, creamer, water, etc.

    If you are in need of more of any of these items, we suggest you ask the waiter that is attending your table.

  • I don’t like the food choices.

    The committee tries to choose food that will appeal to most people.

  • Why can’t you do something about the parking?

    For many years, we used the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel to host our event, we have outgrown that venue and have created a good relationship with the Grandview. As with many venues, we may not be the only event happening that evening, so we have no control over the parking lot.