Caring for children is a rewarding and demanding profession.

Your work hard to develop a caring and trustin relationship wht the children in your program. To provide the best care, you learn techniques and strategies to provide a nurturing and responsive environment. Part of this care may be giving medication to help children regain their health or to help them maintain it.

Thankfully, the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) has approved a Medication Administration Training (MAT) course to help you understand the best strategies for giving medication while also making sure you understand how to follow OCFS regulation.

And, the training will not only teach you about giving medication to children, it also providers information on asthma, food or environmental allergies, nebulizer treatments and much more!

  • What is MAT?

    The MAT course is a skilled-based training to help you administer medication safely in your program. The course is eight (8) hours of training and includes a video training component as well as hands-on demonstrations.

    The training provides an overview of medication effects and ways to give medication for both over-the-counter and prescription medication; the handling, storage and safe disposal of medication; permission and instruction requirements; preparation and administration techniques; asthma; emergency care and special situations.

  • Who can take the MAT Course?

    Child care providers and employees in New York State working in family day care, group family day care, school age child care, day care centers, small day care centers or legally exempt providers serving children whose child care is being funded through public child catre subsidies are eligible.

  • How long is my MAT training certificate valid?

    The MAT training certificate is valid for three years from the date you complete the course. After three years, you may be eligible to take a renewal test online to extend your certificate for another three years.

  • How do I find an approved trainer?

    There is a list by county of approved MAT trainers at or call toll-free 800-295-9616.

  • Is there funding available to help providers pay for this training?

    YES! The MAT Rebate Program has funding available to help you off-set the cost of the course. Visit or call toll-free 800-295-9616 for an applciation.

  • How do I obtain MAT Training?

    You have two options to obtain your MAT certification.

    You can beome MAT certified by successfully completing the 8-hour MAT Classroom Course,


    If you prefer to learn independently and at your own pace, then the MAT Independent Study Course is for you.