Preschool Care

There is increasing evidence that preschool age children (three and four year olds) benefit greatly from a preschool experience. Choosing a quality program for your child can help prepare him/her for kindergarten by having enhanced language/vocabulary and pre-reading skills, basic math skills and more importantly, social skills.

Day cares that offer a full curriculum including math, science, social studies and language arts aid in the child's learning and preparedness for the more formal education he/she will start receiving in kindergarten and beyond. Paper and pencil activities are rarely appropriate for this age group as it has been shown that children learn best by "doing". Look for hands-on activities, like a "science corner" with meaningful age appropriate experiments, circle time with language art activities, math materials such as items for sorting and measuring, etc.

What to consider when choosing a child care program:

Choosing the best care for your child can be a difficult task. Research the different types of child care (family, group family, center or school age) and decide which type best fits the needs of your child and family. You may want to check out more than one type of care. Then decide where the care should be located (closer to home or work?).

Visit the website, if applicable.

If the child care has a website, some basic information can be ascertained.

Once you have some of your basic questions answered, a visit to the child care is imperative.

Visit the child care facility and consider the following:

Is the program safe, clean and free of health hazards?
Is there enough room for children to play indoors and outdoors?
Is there a variety of activities that seem appropriate for my child's age group?
Is the children's work displayed?
Do the caregivers appear happy, knowledgeable and friendly?
Are the caregivers interacting with the children in a positive way?
Are there enough caregivers to supervise the children?
What are the policies and procedures?
Is there a contract? If so, does it fit with my needs?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care your child is receiving or if you need additional information about child care, please contact our Referral Department at 845-473-4141, x 221 or e-mail