<font color="#FF0000">"Circle of Care: Caring for Children, Caring for You" mini-conference</font>

Saturday, October 14, 2017
8:30 am3:30 pm
<b>Sharpe Reservation</b><br />436 Van Wyck Lake Rd.<br />Fishkill, NY 12524
<font color="#FF0000">"Circle of Care: Caring for Children, Caring for You" mini-conference</font>

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Suzi Tortora, EdD, BC-DMT – Dr. Tortora holds a doctorate from Columbia University and serves as consultant to the "Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11, 2001: A Primary Prevention Project" in the Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University under Dr. Beatrice Beebe. She has developed the Integrative Medicine Services Dréas Dream dance/movement therapy program for pediatric patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where she is the senior dance therapist. Dr.Tortora has published numerous papers about her therapeutic and movement therapy training programs. She holds a board position at NY Zero to Three Network. Dr. Tortora has a private dance/movement therapy practice in New York City and Cold Spring, NY and teaches and provides training programs nationally, internationally and through webinars. She has been featured on "Good Morning America" and "Eyewitness News" ABC-TV Malcolm Gladwell's recent book, What the Dog Saw.

"The Dancing Dialogue: Promoting Positive Communication to Support Babies' and Toddlers' Social and Emotional Development Before Words"

Our bodies speak! It is not just what you say but how you say it that counts. You are communicating with babies even before you say a word. Babies also talk to you right from the beginning through their facial expressions, body actions, the quality of their vocalizations, and even the way they look at you. In this talk, you will learn how to read babies' and toddlers' nonverbal cues, while attending to the messages your actions are communicating. Through the use of movement, rhythm, dance and music activities, you will create a Dancing Dialogue, exploring activities that promote positive communication and self-expression to support a baby's regulatory skill and enhance social engagement.

Morning Workshops 10:30-12:00

(You will choose one option for the morning session.)

  • "Bullying: Understanding Impact and Safeguarding Children" – In this workshop, we will define bullying and discuss how to recognize the different forms. Learn and understand how prior experiences can impact all the specific areas in a child's life. Join us as we share resource examples and demonstrate examples for anti-bullying. Information on how to foster children's awareness of their value and offering them a way to ask for help will be discussed.
  • "Children Who Witness Violence" – Workshop will define domestic violence and the impact on children. Presenter will discuss best practices within daycare settings to support children in care, important policies and procedures to consider, and roles and responsibilities as the daycare provider in that child's life who is witnessing violence.
  • "Social Emotional Development in Young Children" – This workshop is designed to assist caregivers identify the skills children need to recognize and manage their emotions. Participants will learn the importance of intentional planning of activities related to social emotional development, and strategies that teach social and emotional development. Challenging behavior will be addressed.
  • "Building Resilience in Children" – What is a resilient child? How do we build and strengthen children to be able to face challenges and daily obstacles? In this workshop we will discuss, strategize and l earn ways to foster resilience in the children.
Afternoon Workshops 1:30-3:00

(You will choose one option for the afternoon session.)

  • "Food Fuel 101" – This workshop will include easy tips to impart healthy and tasty eating into everyday life. We will discuss local and seasonal ingredients, grocery shopping tricks, as well as fun and easy recipes.
  • "Organizing Hacks & Tales from the Trenches: Be Inspired; Get Organized" – If getting and staying organized is a dream of yours, this is "not to be missed" workshop is your answer. Colleen Ashe, Chief Expert Organizer and founder of Ashe Organizing Solutions, Ltd. will share with you tips, tricks and strategies for getting and staying organized. Join us for a fun, interactive session.
  • "Self-care Strategies: How Our Own Wellness Impacts the Children We Serve" – In this workshop, we will define self-care and why it matters. You will learn all the specific areas in your life it imparts and recognize the impact it has on your work. Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your professional and personal life, understand the fundamentals of mindfulness and practice techniques, and develop an individual action plan for the next steps.
  • "Mindful Yoga" – Liz believes that the benefits of yoga are endless. She encourages caregivers to practice self- care and believes yoga can be that outlet. Dropping any expectations, in this workshop you will learn to strengthen the mind and body to cultivate a sense of peace, balance, and mindfulness that you can carry with you both on and off the mat. Wear comfortable clothing and join us in some yoga fun!